Seeking Laziness Always Channels Knowledge

Don't miss the journey, whilst focusing on your goal. Cut yourself some S.L.A.C.K - you deserve it.


Mission Statement

Mrs Slack talks about Our Mission  -  "When was the last time you just stopped and relaxed properly?

I mean, really properly, not the 'I've got 10 minutes to have a cup of tea between work and school pick up and getting shopping' or the 'I might get to chill at the weekend - once I've taken the car to the garage, paid the electricity bill, run the kids to swimming class and mowed the lawn '.. Where's the time to rest? Follow your dreams? Come up with new ideas??

In our work-a-day world we are raised to believe that our sole purpose is to strive at school, strive at our jobs, strive at our parenting and strive at our relationships with friends and family. All that striving only leaves room for one thing. Exhaustion! Where's the fun? The freedom? The peacefulness? The daydreams..?

It's actually a very healthy thing for your mind to daydream. We should go into a light trance state several times over the day to have a healthy mind and not get stressed. After all, Einstein came up with the theory of special relativity when working in the patent office and daydreaming.. 

When you relax fully with an empty mind, whether that's for a short time or a long time it gives the opportunity for those dreams to become ideas and ideas to become reality. It's seen as being 'lazy' in our society, but when else can those dreams become tomorrow's realities for us all to enjoy..  Mr Slack has studied this and made it into an art form - the key being working efficiently when you work, being slack when you're not! Being in the now. And everyone can do it if they want to. Go ahead. Follow that dream for once and see what happens. Enjoy the journey as it's more important than the destination.."


The Birth of the Brand

Einstein knew the meaning of S.L.A.C.K.

Einstein knew the meaning of S.L.A.C.K.

Mrs Slack - Have you're-strung your guitar?
Mr Slack - Ahhhh... no guitar re-stringing yet, been eating food and watching movies. Just gonna sort stuff for tomorrow.
Mrs Slack - Priorities for SELF  EMPLOYED!
Mr Slack - Slack should be the word... SLACK EMPLOYED!!!!
Mrs Slack - Yes! That's us. 
Mr Slack - We need an abbreviation of the word SLACK.
Mrs Slack - Do you mean an acronym?
Mr Slack - Yep that's the one! S.L.A.C.K. Seeking Laziness Always Channels Knowledge!
Mrs Slack - Tick and a Gold Star.